SPM flexicube supply maximum comfort  to the user , minimize the pressure points  and prevent from bedsore .

Cubic cuttings supply  air circulation and prevent perspiration.


When the patient have bedsore , it is easy to take out cube or cubes , so it will be helpful for fast recovery

adjustable design

Technical Data

Foam Density    : 24 kg/m3 + 32kg/m3 + 36kg/m3


Standard size      : 190x90x16cm

Mattress weight  : 10 kg

Area of usage      : ICU rooms

Patient weight     : 40kg-150 kg


Easy to transfer !

Vacuum package is used for packaging

Cover Specification

  • PU cover is water proof, breathable , anti bacterial.

  • Flame retardant, anti mite and anti fungal

  • Does not included PVC

  • Does not included heavy metals

  • PU cover is wipeable and can be clean with hospital dezenfectants

  • Washable at 95 ‘ C

Logo can be printed on the covers

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